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Get ready to turn your event into the ultimate party extravaganza for just $1500.00! Here's what's included in this fantastic package:

  • Up to (6) hours of music and fun complete with the stellar services of both a DJ and MC. We'll keep the beats going and the energy high throughout your entire celebration.

  • Say cheese to (1) Audio Guestbook! Capture the laughter, advice, and hilarious moments from your guests with this unique twist on the classic guestbook.

  • Light up the dance floor with (4) Dance Floor Uplight Totems, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that'll have everyone grooving.

  • Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear sounds of (2) Large HiFi Loudspeakers and (2) Power Subs, accompanied by top-notch DJ equipment for an audio experience like no other.

  • Let the dance floor come alive with Multicolored Dance light sets, setting the perfect mood for a night of celebration.

  • Illuminate your venue with Uplighting equipment and service, creating a visually stunning backdrop for your festivities.

  • Be heard loud and clear with a Wireless microphone, perfect for toasts and speeches that will leave a lasting impression.

  • Our DJ, aka the Disc Jockey maestro, will spin the tunes for the reception, while the MC (Master of Ceremonies) takes the stage to guide the festivities seamlessly.

  • We've got you covered from setup to tear-down of all equipment, so you can focus on having a blast.

  • Enjoy the professionalism of a groomed and stylishly attired DJ, rocking a suit or shirt/tie ensemble.

  • Don't miss a word of those heartfelt vows – our Ceremony microphone ensures that your promises are heard, with setups available for both you and your beloved. Plus, we'll even serenade your guests with pre-ceremony music as they take their seats.

      Get ready for an event that's not just memorable but downright legendary! 🎉💿🎤


At no extra cost, just give us a shout if you'd like to spice up your special day with some fun games! We're talking about putting a unique twist on the classic shoe game, guaranteed to have everyone laughing and cheering. Plus, we've got the generation dance and money dance ready to amp up the excitement even more. So, let us know if you're up for some extra entertainment – we've got you covered! 🎩👠💃💰

What is an Audio Guestbook?...

Say goodbye to boring old guest books and make way for the star of the show – the Audio Guestbook! 🌟 Forget about the plain, old-fashioned signature on a lined ledger. We're spicing things up with voice signatures and turning your special day into a symphony of laughter and love!

So, what's the deal with this Audio Guest Book extravaganza? Well, picture this: instead of the usual pen-and-paper routine, your guests get to showcase their vocal prowess! 🎤🎉 It's like America's Got Talent, but for your wedding wishes.

Grandparents dropping some wisdom bombs? Check. Best man delivering a hilarious play-by-play of how you met? Double-check. With an audio guest book, you're not just collecting signatures – you're collecting a treasure trove of memories that will have you giggling and tearing up for years to come.

Who needs a simple ledger when you can have a symphony of voices narrating the epic tale of your special day? It's not just a guest activity; it's a time-traveling audio adventure that will make your wedding unforgettable. So, grab that microphone, strike a pose, and let the laughter (and maybe a few happy tears) commence! 🎙️💖

Choose From One Of The Phone Options Below For Your Audio Guestbook...

The Classic

The Vintage

The Phone Booth



  • Additional DJ/MC Services - $100/hour

  • Dry Ice Machine (Dancing in the Cloud effect for 1st Dance Only) $200.00

  • 50Gal. CO2 Gun Effect $300.00  As Found On

  • Cold Spark Machines $200.00 each or $350 for the pair

  • 2-Large High Def 55" TV monitors or 1 projector and Screen. $200.00

  • ​Custom Monogram $200.00

  • 360 Photo Booth - Go To for pricing.

Great For Bar & Grills
Add On To Your Event

  • Music Video BINGO $250

  • - You get 75 (40 seconds music video snippets)

The old traditional regular BINGO is a game that involves players marking off numbers on a bingo card as they are called out by a caller. (BORING!!!)

Music Video BINGO is a variation of regular BINGO that involves watching up to 75 (40 second) music videos snippets and marking it off as they come up their BINGO card.

Players have a BINGO card with a list of song titles along with a reference number which will be same title song and reference number displayed on the screen, mark off items on their bingo card as they see or hear them. The first player to get five items in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) on their BINGO card wins the game.

Yes!! we also go all in with the grand prize going out to the BLACKOUT winner which is the first person with the whole BINGO card completely marked off…SO FUN!!!

Music Video BINGO can be a fun and interactive way to watch music videos, listen to music, as it adds an element of competition and encourages players to sing and dance along with the video or song.

  • Trivia $250

  • - You get up to 100 wireless remotes (session average 65 questions) 

Old traditional TRIVIA involved a host asking questions and the player answering the question to the best of their ability on a piece of paper, then later having the host manually check the answers at the end of the game and announcing a winner. (BORING)!!!)

Our Multiple-Choice TRIVIA game uses state of the art electronic audience response hardware/software to immediately record your answer.

We have up to 100 remotes ((Buttons) A/1  B/2  C/3  D/4  E/5)) which we can hand out with their own unique number on the back to identify each person individually, as you progress through the game your remote number will be illuminated at the bottom of the big screen to confirm you have chimed in.

All players have 10 seconds to answer the multiple-choice question, at the end of the 65 to 75 question the top 3 scores along with their corresponding player number will be immediately displayed on the big screen. …SO FUN!!!

  • Karaoke Night $400

  • For two hours Includes Backdrop Scene of Stage Scene, Uplighting, Mics, and High End Sound Equipment. - Add $100 per hour for additional hours.

Our Karaoke systems sounds amazing!!! We include several reference book with the top 500 most popular karaoke to choose from to inspire you to find that perfect song that you might have forgotten about.

We also include the TC-Helicon VoiceTone Correct which combines studio compression, tone shaping and de-essing with selectable pitch correction so you can deliver your best vocal performances. Have you ever noticed how as a singer, you seldom have control of the sound system and no sound engineer to help you get a great live vocal sound?

TC-Helicon VoiceTone Correct acts like an audio engineer does by reacting to your vocal sound and applying studio dynamics and EQ to bring out your best tone.

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